Hotel Bouka is located in the center of Kammena Vourla next to the Ktel.It is 180 km from Athens and only 40 km from Lamia in the center of the prefecture of Fthiotida.

Kamena Vourla

Kammena Vourla is the largest and most complete resort, not only of Fthiotida but also of Central Greece. They are located at the southeast end of the Maliakos Gulf and within a short distance of a few nautical miles from Evia.

The waters of Maliakos are clean and calm usually while the bottom is covered with pebbles and then with fine sand. The shores of Kamena Vourla are covered with small stones and pebbles making the beaches ideal for swimming.

Mountain Kninis, which rises just 300 meters from the sea, is green, covered mainly by pine and beech trees and wild shrubs. It rises at 700 meters perimeter of Kamena Vourla. It is rocky and with steep slopes making it ideal for mountaineering or descent in many places. The view is stunning from any point of the mountain, as the town of Kamena Vourla, the entire Maliakos Gulf and a part of the beautiful Evia stretch out in front of you.

Watching the sea, you observe some small island formations. It is the islands of Lichadas and Strongylis or the Lichadonisia just 10 nautical miles from Kamena Vourla

Nearby Sights

Our region offers various daily trip suggestions to its visitors. Most popular nearby attractions are:

Thermal Springs

The sources of Kamena Vourla are classified by special scientists as the most important thermal springs of the country and of Europe in general. They were created by the geological changes of the Maliakos Gulf and the mountainous area of Kallidromos – Knodidos, and became known for their rare composition in natural minerals, salts and radon. The thermal springs of Kamena Vourla spill at the foot of Mount Kninis, have different temperatures and radioactivity. There are the radioactive sources, hydrogen sulfide chlorinated a ferrous and the cosmetic source of Venus, containing potassium-rich sulfur. The temperature of the springs is 35 – 36oC and their waters are indicated for many different diseases

Υπάρχουν οι ραδιενεργές πηγές, η υδρόθειο-χλωρονατριούχος μια σιδηρούχος και η καλλυντική πηγή της Αφροδίτης, που περιέχει καλλοειδές θείον. Η θερμοκρασία των πηγών είναι 35 – 36οC και τα νερά τους ενδείκνυται πολλές και διάφορες παθήσεις.

They are indicated for diseases of the kidneys, liver, digestive system, gallstones, gynecological diseases, chronic rheumatism, arthritis, but also for detoxification of the organism. There are special pools for sulphides and sodium treatments